Individual vocal lessons

Individual vocal lessons on the author’s technique, which includes:

  1. Setting the voice on the support
  2. Development of hearing
  3. Range extension
  4. Work on the timbre of voices
  5. Creating an individual style of performance
  6. Work on the production of the song
  7. Recording in the Studio (on request) 

 * Pre-audition required. Classes are held in a Studio in the center of Moscow. Possible advice on Skype. # Vocallessons #vocalteacher





Moscow City Day 2021

Moscow City Day 2021
In September 2021, Evgenia Indigo performed at a concert dedicated to the day of the city of Moscow. Evgenia congratulated the guests on the holiday and performed two songs. The event was held at a high professional level and gathered a large number of spectators.   Распечатать

PR party from Leomar Production

PR party from Leomar Production
On November 20, 2022, Evgenia Indigo will perform at a PR party from Leomar Production. We are waiting for you at this event! Распечатать

Project – The Way of the st...

Project – The Way of the star
At the end of August 2021, Evgenia Indigo took part in the longest track project – The Path of the star of 60 hearts. Evgenia Indigo performed the song “Shining star”   Распечатать

New photoshoot

New photoshoot
At the end of 2021, Evgenia Indigo took part in new photo shoots, a full selection of photos will soon appear in the album Photos 2021/2022           Распечатать