A collection of songs “Berestie” 2018

At the end of August 2018, the next edition of the author’s collection of winners of the festival “Bereshchene” 2018 was released, which could be obtained at the Museum of Moscow at several charity events this spring. The collection includes art song Evgenia Indigo”Night fly”.


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Evgenia Indigo on Vechernaya Mosk...

Evgenia Indigo on Vechernaya Moskva TV channel
In March 2020, Evgenia Indigo performed as an expert at a master class on voice and speech technique during a live broadcast from the Studio of the Vechernaya Moskva TV channel. Evgenia demonstrated respiratory therapeutic exercises from her author’s course “Vocalotherapy”, and also showed practical speech exercises together with the audience.   Распечатать

Vocalotherapy course

Vocalotherapy course
We remind You that we are continuing to record for the author’s online course of vocalotherapy from Evgenia Indigo, as well as individual consultations on voice and breathing with the selection and learning of material. Classes will be held online via Skype, and you will need a microphone, camera, and a good Internet connection to […]

Evgenia Indigo performed at the U...

Evgenia Indigo performed at the Universum
In January 2020, Evgenia Indigo performed at the art & food Sunflowers concert venue. Evgenia was invited to open a business forum held under the aegis of the “Universum” community founded by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Kovalev. Evgenia Indigo performed cover versions of the famous hits “Sweet dreams” and “Venus” in her new original treatment.   […]

Evgenia Indigo in the jury

Evgenia Indigo in the jury
On March 8, 2020, Evgenia Indigo was invited to the “I am a talent” contest as a member of the jury. The contest was held with the support of the recording Studio “VRecords” with the awarding of memorable prizes and certificates to the participants, and the winner was awarded the main prize – recording his […]

Evgenia Indigo performed at a fes...

Evgenia Indigo performed at a festive concert
On March 1, 2020, Evgenia Indigo performed as a special guest at a gala concert dedicated to Russia’s favorite Maslenitsa holiday. The event was held in Moscow’s Berezy Park, and its name was thematic-Good Maslenitsa. The proceeds from the event were sent to support Andrey Maslennikov, a ward of the Desteni charitable Foundation, from the […]

New image

New image
In March 2020, Evgenia Indigo started working with a new stylist Daria Kochanova @kochanova_makeup and the Studio “Elstil”. The result of our collaboration was bright evening images of the 2020 season. In the near future, new photos from this event will be available on our website in the photos section.   Распечатать

Evgenia Indigo Moonlight Serenade

Evgenia Indigo Moonlight Serenade
At the end of January 2020, a professional video was released, recorded in the Studio of the TV Channel “Evening Moscow” in December 2019. Evgenia Indigo performs a cover version of Glenn Miller’s legendary song “Moonlight Serenade”.   Распечатать

Evgenia Indigo at Moscow entrepre...

Evgenia Indigo at Moscow entrepreneur’s day
At the end of December 2019, Evgenia Indigo performed at the Moscow day of entrepreneurs at the concert venue art & food Sunflowers. Evgenia performed cover versions of the legendary hits “Simply the Best” , “Sunny”, and also welcomed the guests and wished them new achievements and success. The event was held under the auspices […]