Evgenia Indigo Collection

  1. Evgenia Indigo – Cover Mix (Smooth Operator, Supergirl, Impuls)
  2. Evgenia Indigo – How could an angel (Cover)
  3. Evgenia Indigo – Hello, Dolly (Jazz cover)
  4. Evgenia Indigo ft Richard Garden – Magic way (Original lounge)
  5. Евгения Индиго – Where are you now (Live piano, Cover)
  6. Евгения Индиго – Flash of bright light (Original lounge)
  7. Евгения Индиго – Supermodel (Soundtrack for beauty contest)
  8. Евгения Индиго ft Stayup project – Call you (Evening Moscow)
  9. Евгения Индиго – Guardian angel (Cover)
  10. Евгения Индиго – Dugout (Patriotic song)



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Evgenia Indigo in the Model Stars...

Evgenia Indigo in the Model Stars Magazine
In the March issue of Model Stars Magazine, a professional photo of Evgenia Indigo was featured on the cover. The series of photos in Russian national dress was made in collaboration with a professional photographer Sergey Falinsky.     Распечатать

Evgenia Indigo on air Radio4me

Evgenia Indigo on air Radio4me
At the end of February 2021, the songs of Evgenia Indigo were played on Radio4me. Among them were Andy lime remix, Not a soul, Dance with you, Call you.   Распечатать

New printed products

New printed products
In August 2020, Evgenia Indigo released a series of printed products for partners in makeup, costume jewelry and music projects. Posters, calendars, and souvenir pens are available. If you would like to buy Souvenirs, please contact us using the feedback form on our website.     Распечатать

New tracks coming soon

New tracks coming soon
New tracks “Future is here” and “Dont waste your time” recorded by Evgenia Indigo in collaboration with Fusion Bass are expected to be released in the near future. You can find out all the details on our website.   Распечатать