Evgenia Indigo was born in a musical family in the heart of the Russian capital. From early childhood, Evgenia is closely connected with music and creativity. Evgenia’s mother since childhood instilled in her daughter a love of music and vocals. While studying at drama school in Moscow contributed to further development in music and dance. Later she graduated from Lomonosov Moscow state University on a speciality “Master of the musical art.” A graduate of the Institute of contemporary arts in the specialty “Pop-jazz singing”. One of the priorities of Evgenia is a self-development and perfection in the vocals and music.
                  Evgenia is a singer, composer and sound producer. Leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Her songs were played on different radio, such as Arbat radio, radio of Russia and Rostov.FM. The participant of musical projects: “You’re on, “I am the artist” on TNT and 360 suburbs. Collaborates with labels of different countries, sells its copyright music: Portugal, Cyprus, Belarus, Germany and Russia.
                  In 2015, was released her author’s song “The bright Flash of light” on CD  “Club ala chanson”in Germany,in the near future is expected to release her songs “Amazing” and “Magic way”. In 2015 also on the website came several releases already “Diving in your eyes»” and “Dance with you”.
                  Evgenia frequently performs at concerts in various clubs, such as B2, ETR, Rhythm & Blues cafe, Music rooms, Arena, Solaris, Hotel Korston and many others. Her repertoire is vast and varied: author music, hits of the 80s and 90s, jazz standards, music from the Russian movie, Russian folk songs.
Evgenia Indigo is a member of the jury of the Moscow competitions such as: “Mirovedenie”, “City of friendship”, “Sing, my Native land” and others. Evgenia also often works as a model for the famous clothing boutiques and offices, such as Vesivio, Trenditime, Angel Vestido, fur and others. The winner in the nomination “Miss charm” at the international beauty contest “La donna dolce”, which is chaired by Nikas Safronov.
In his spare time Evgenia Indigo does charity work and teaches music to kids. She also enjoys foreign languages and culture of the East.