New Photosession

In July 2020, Evgenia Indigo took part in a new photo shoot. Soon photos and posters will be available on our website.








Breakaway point in Lalaland

Breakaway point in Lalaland
In September 2021, Evgenia Indigo performed at the Breakaway Point dance party at the Lalaland Club. The event was organized with the support of the production center Leomar Production. Evgenia performed an incendiary cover mix, to which many guests of the party recognized the melodies they loved and began to dance.       Распечатать

Moscow City Day 2021

Moscow City Day 2021
In September 2021, Evgenia Indigo performed at a concert dedicated to the day of the city of Moscow. Evgenia congratulated the guests on the holiday and performed two songs. The event was held at a high professional level and gathered a large number of spectators.   Распечатать

August party – 3

August party – 3
In August 2021, Evgenia Indigo performed as a guest at the annual August Party – 3 . The event was organized by the production center “Leomar production” and was held at the Moscow club La la Land at a high professional level.   Распечатать

Project – The Way of the st...

Project – The Way of the star
At the end of August 2021, Evgenia Indigo took part in the longest track project – The Path of the star of 60 hearts. Evgenia Indigo performed the song “Shining star”   Распечатать

Evgenia Indigo on the EDM Carniva...

Evgenia Indigo on the EDM Carnival label
In July 2021, a joint track by Shadovvay and Evgenia Indigo “Don’t waste your time”was released on the Big Phat Panda label (USA). This track is included in the collection and is available on all digital platforms.   Распечатать

New song 2021 – Don’t...

New song 2021 – Don’t Waste Your Time
On July 14, 2021, the Bigtunes (USA) label released the song “Dont waste your time” and a radio version. You can download and purchase it on all digital platforms, such as Beatport, iTunes, yandex music.   Распечатать

Summer photo shoot 2021

Summer photo shoot 2021
In July 2021, Evgenia Indigo took part in a new photo shoot held in the ArtPlay studio. New summer photos can be seen in the photo section of the website “Summer images 2021”. Распечатать

Hardphol ft. Evgenia Indigo ̵...

Hardphol ft. Evgenia Indigo – La Isla Bonita
On June 11, 2021, a new single for the song La Isla Bonita was released on the Hardphol Family label. The composition was the result of a collaboration between Eugenia Indigo and the Hardpol project. As a result, the new track turned out to be really incendiary, rhythmic and able to give listeners a summer […]