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July photo book by Evgenia Indigo

July photo book by Evgenia Indigo
In July 2023, a limited collection of souvenir author’s photo books was published, in Russian and English. One of them contains a selection of the best photos from different projects, scenes and promotional photo shoots, and the other photo book is filled with poems and lyrics. You can order through the website or social networks. […]

(Русский) Приглашение на Бизнес п...

(Русский) Приглашение на Бизнес премию и шоу 2023
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August party – 3

August party – 3
In August 2021, Evgenia Indigo performed as a guest at the annual August Party – 3 . The event was organized by the production center “Leomar production” and was held at the Moscow club La la Land at a high professional level.   Распечатать

Evgenia Indigo performed in Mosco...

Evgenia Indigo performed in Moscow
On February 25, 2023, Evgenia Indigo performed as a guest at the chic Glam Style event from Leomar Production at the Amoret Art Club. Evgenia performed the author’s song “Fly Night” and congratulated the guests on the holiday!   Распечатать